International Year of Astronomy 2009

Lecture: The Life of Stars

The Museo Arqueológico UMSS (University of San Simon Archaeological Museum) contacted us with the idea to include in its lecture activities one related to astronomy, a way to participate in the celebration of the International Year of Astronomy. The lecture was presented by Germán Morales, at August, 31. The topic was the Life of Stars, a travel from the first ideas of ancient people about stars to the modern times, stressing the relation between the star evolution and the evolution of universe and life, and the processes of star born, energy production and star endings. The final part of the lecture was devoted to the understanding of universe scales and the evidence of star formation in other galaxies. After that, was a little break with a small glass of wine toasting for the IYA2009 and continue the activity with a telescope observation at the terrace roof. We use two SCT of 20 cm. There was an estimate of approximate 90 participants in a more than 2 hours and a half of total activity.

Begining of the Lecture Title

Lecture One moment in the Lecture

Other moment in the lecture Other moment at the lecture activity

Museum Director and G Morales
At the end of the lecture, the Museum Director Angelina Muñoz and lecturer Germán Morales (ASO's director)

Telescopes used Looking through telescopes. That night, Chaly Montes and Daniel Rios, two ASO members, colaborated in the observational activity.

people waiting
People waiting to observe Jupiter and the Moon through the telescopes.

(Photographs by: Daniel Ríos & Chaly Montes)

Poster Lecture - Life of the stars

Poster of the Lecture