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Astronomia Sigma Octante is an astronomical center oriented to research and educational activities. Located in Cochabamba, one of the major cities in Bolivia, one main goal is to gather professional and amateur astronomers together in order to develope astronomy in Bolivia.

In these pages you can find some results of our work, also some projects that we pursuit for the enhancement of astronomy and science in our country and some selected information about astronomy and science.

Years ago, the 2009 was declared the International Year of Astronomy, a special opportunity to stress the importance of science to the society and the big picture that the Universe presents to the human beings challenging their minds to understand it and understand us.

The Astronomy is always present in our life, no matter if the 2009 left behind, we are part of the Universe, despite if you don't see it and don't think about it, is our reality, we walk on the Earth surface ruled by the laws of Nature.


Greetings Card

From June, 30 to July, 29 ASO presents an exposition about asteroids and the planet Earth, lectures, telescope observations for the public and activities for children.

These activities are presented in Cochabamba - Bolivia, at the "Museo de Historia Natural Alcide d'Orbigny"


Asteroid Day

The risk of an Asteroid Collision with our planet is an important issue to prevent. That is the reason to remember every June 30th these efforts and appeal to the public to join it in the Asteroid Day.

In these ASO's pages we will inform about activities planned for Bolivia. At this moment these pages are under construction.

The designated coordinator for Bolivia is Germán Morales.


40 years

We are celebrating 40 years!!

Observational activities involved with worldwide networks, educational activities, development of software and electronics applied to astronomy, spread science to the community, and a long list of hundreds of names of those who have participated in its activities; most of them with a common goal: learn, do and enjoy science and astronomy.

We hope that many could take another 40 years of Astronomy Sigma Octante!!



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